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What are DTF Gang Sheets?

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In the world of digital printing DTF (Direct to Film) printing has become a game changer for producing amazing detailed designs especially on fabrics. One of the cool applications of this is custom DTF transfers which allows for bright and detailed designs on light and dark garments. This is not only efficient but also cost effective making it a favorite among small and big printers. DTF ink, DTF powder and heat presses are key to producing high quality dtf transfers so the technology is advancing in digital printing.

In this article we will cover the basics of DTF printing and how to use DTF gang sheets for your printing needs. We will show you how to make your own DTF gang sheet and give you the essential tools tips including choosing the right DTF transfer paper and dtf ink and dtf powder. If you want to get the best results our guide will give you the practical tips and tricks to make the most out of dtf transfers wholesale. From designing to application using heat presses we will give you the full rundown on how to make the most of your DTF printing.

DTF Basics

Direct to Film (DTF) printing is a versatile print technique in the industry where you can produce detailed and bright designs on fabrics. The process starts by printing a design onto a special PET film using water based inks. A white layer of ink is applied over the colored print which is the base for the colors to pop. Then an adhesive powder is sprinkled evenly over the wet ink and excess is removed. The film is then heated to make it ready for transfer.

Then you preheat the fabric and transfer the design from the PET film using a heat press. This way the design will be durable and vibrant on any fabric type from cotton to polyester blends without cutting or weeding. DTF can print on dark and light fabrics and from design to transfer is so easy. For small and big projects DTF is a great method. After heating the product should be cooled to the touch before peeling off the transfer, this is called cold peel process.

Why Gang Sheets?

Using DTF gang sheets for your printing needs has many advantages that can make your operations more efficient and cost effective. Here’s why:

Placing a DTF gang sheet order gives you versatile, cost effective and easy application of DTF transfers perfect for bright and detailed designs for small and big printing needs.

Increased Efficiency

DTF gang sheets allows you to print multiple designs on one sheet, you can gang your prints. This setup will speed up production and reduce intervention. By printing multiple multi colored designs at the same time you can reduce overall production time which is very helpful for high volume orders or diverse design needs. Also using a gang sheet builder to automatically gang sheets and a gang sheet calculator to design placement and pricing estimation will make the process even smoother.

Less Waste

Another advantage of using DTF gang sheets is the reduced material waste. By using every inch of the film you have minimal unused space which means more designs per run and less printing resources used. This means environmental benefits and cost savings. Also by making your own gang sheet you can design transfer sheets with multiple designs and maximize material use and minimize waste.


DTF gang sheets is cost effective. By printing multiple designs on one film sheet you save on material cost and per design cost. This is very helpful for small business and startups who wants to stretch their budget without compromising the quality. Also the recent price drop on custom DTF gang sheets which is now available at lower prices than ever makes this option more accessible than ever so every order gets the highest discount level previously only available for volume pricing.

Make Your Own DTF Gang Sheet

Materials Needed

To make your own DTF gang sheet you will need a few tools and software. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Canva is perfect for designing your layout. Make sure you have access to high quality graphic files preferably with transparent background so your design will not be distorted. Also a reliable computer and a graphic tablet will help with design precision.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Open Your Design Software: Open your preferred software. If using Canva go to and click ‘Create a Design’. Set your dimensions according to your printer’s capacity usually 22 inches wide for standard printers.
  2. Layout Your Designs: Upload your graphics and start arranging them on the canvas. Use the ‘Snapping’ feature to align your images without overlapping.
  3. Adjust Colors and Opacity: For better visibility while arranging apply a black color overlay with 100% opacity to all graphics. This will make all elements visible against a contrasting background.
  4. Duplicate and Arrange: Use shortcuts like ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’ (or ‘Cmd+C’ and ‘Cmd+V’ on Mac) to copy and paste your designs. To duplicate images directly on the canvas hold ‘Alt’ (or ‘Option’ on Mac) and drag the image.
  5. Save and Export: Once you’re done with the layout turn off the background layer so it won’t print. Export your design as a PNG image so your gang sheet will be ready for printing without background.

By following these steps you can make your own custom DTF gang sheet that maximizes material use and minimizes waste and cater to different design needs. Compared to sublimation transfers DTF transfers have more fabric compatibility and design vibrancy so it’s perfect for custom printing.

Tips and Tricks

To get the best results with DTF gang sheets here are some tips:

For custom DTF transfers make sure your artwork is print ready and don’t use trademarked or watermarked images.

Maximizing Film Usage

We often encounter film wastage. To solve this problem make sure to use the entire film surface. Start by arranging your designs to fit as many as possible on one sheet. This will save material and reduce the per design cost. Remember a well planned layout can minimize waste and maximize output.

Image Size Adjustment

One of the common issues is low resolution warning when uploading images for DTF printing. To fix this increase the resolution of your images using Canva. For example if you get a resolution warning just import your design into Canva, resize it to double the original size and make sure it’s set to transparent background then re upload. This way your images will remain quality and clear even when scaled up on the gang sheet and you’ll get crisp and vibrant prints every time.


In this article we have discussed the power of DTF gang sheets in digital printing, for efficiency and cost savings in different printing projects. From the basics of DTF printing technology to practical tips on how to make and maximize gang sheets we have covered it all. Design layout, right tools and the benefits of using this technology. DTF ink, powder and heat press will make the final product more durable and vibrant.

So the benefits of using DTF gang sheets in your printing is clear, it’s a way to increase productivity and reduce waste and it’s scalable for small and big operations. By following the tips above you can improve your prints, save big and be environment friendly. As digital printing evolves the DTF gang sheets is proof that the industry is moving forward and a brighter and more efficient future for everyone.